Saturday, March 14, 2009

Menu for March 9-15

NOTE: Nathaniel & Joshua were sick this week.

Monday: Chicken Piccata, thin spaghetti with Parmesan, leaf lettuce salad (Note: Boys didn't eat because they were sick .)

Sparks Director Meeting (mom gone); ham & chicken subs (again, boys didn't eat much)

Wednesday: Taco Bell (helped w/Awana store, so no time to eat or cook until late)

Chicken Noodle, Hold the Soup (again, boys didn't eat much)

Friday: Baked potatoes w/ ham & cheese (Joshua didn't eat anything -- still sick)

Saturday: Dave & boys ate at 8 China Buffet (lunch); Roast beef subs w/ cream cheese, 2 cheeses and ham (NDC -- Mac & cheese) (dinner)

Sunday: JOSHUA'S 10th BIRTHDAY! KFC & Dairy Queen cake (ugh!) Will celebrate on Tuesday at BW3

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