Friday, June 19, 2009

No title of nobility allowed!

Art. 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution says, "No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States," so when members of Congress are given special programs, privileges and benefits that don't apply to "We the people," I think it's time to take America back! We escaped the tyranny of the nobility of England not to establish our own form of nobility, but to give every one the opportunity, under the rule of law, to be free.

It is time for Congress to not only disband laws that give themselves special privileges and special benefits, but it is time that they live under the exact same rules that everyone else must live under. The idea that Congressmen can serve one term in the House (2 years) and then retire with full benefits under a special retirement system established only for them is a title of nobility not granted to the common people. The idea that Congressmen (I use this term in its most "generic" form) can give themselves a pay raise and then benefit from it without any regard to those paying the bill is grand larceny. The idea that Congressmen get full health benefits paid for by the taxpayers and then expect the hard-working American people to pay for the uninsured American's health benefits (of which I am one) shows just how out of touch members of Congress are with the "common folk." We all know that if nationalized health insurance becomes a reality that our Congress will not subject themselves to the same system of health care that the common folk will have to submit themselves. And let's face it, when health care rationing reaches our shores, Congressmen will be the last ones to be affected by it!

Anyone who doesn't think we have modern day "royalty" in this country hasn't been paying attention to what is going on in Congress. We not only have titles of nobility, we have kings who declare themselves above the law - a practice that was condemned when King James of England declared that he was subject to the same laws as the common people, ending a practice of the king being excluded from laws of men and answerable only to God himself!

Titles of nobility exist and it starts right in Washington DC and filters to every state and local government official who takes from the taxpayers, wastes what they take on frivilous spending, and exempt themselves from the very things they require the citizenry to submit to and abide by. This is tyranny at its worst and the very reason why the Revolutionary War was fought. It is time to re-ignite the Spirit of 1776 and not tolerate our "kings, queens, princes and princesses" to rule over us unless and until they are willing to live under the same rules they ask the rest of the citizenry to live under.

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