Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hurray for Burgers and Homemade Cheesy Fries

Boys love burgers and we make all kinds of them! Here's a couple of photos that will hopefully get your mouth watering.....Joshua is the burger chef...he loves to make 'em and Nathaniel loves to eat 'em!

1/3-1/2 pound of freshly ground beef (Ultra Premium Gold is our favorite)
Sprinkle with granulated garlic, salt, pepper or some Emeril's Essence
Fry with or without liquid smoke (or grill them if you can) to desired doneness
Toast a bun (preferably homemade or a bun from a good bakery)
Top with your favorite cheese (smoked cheddar, cheddar, swiss, blue cheese, pepperjack, etc.) until melted.
Fry up some bacon (top burger with one or two pieces)
Sliced sweet onion
Sliced tomato
Dill pickles
Dijon mustard
Ketchup (or BBQ sauce)
Lettuce or whatever else you like on a burger

Take a photograph and then eat!

These potatoes are topped with shredded extra-sharp cheddar cheese, so they are only cheesy in the real sense of the word!

Scrub a medium potato per person (plus one or two extra for good measure), Do not peel the potatoes. Slice into long strips and place in icy-cold water for about 10 minutes to pull out the extra starch. Drain completely and then completely wipe off water with a flour-sack dish towel.

Place on a Stoneware pan (I use a Pampered Chef bar pan), Coat with olive oil (not too much, but enough to get them sizzling. Top with a hefty amount of Emeril's Essence and bake at 400-450 degrees. Turn at least once and bake until crispy and browned on all sides (this will take about 25-30 minutes). Just before serving, grate up some extra-sharp cheddar cheese and top with a generous amount. Turn off oven and allow the cheese to melt. Serve immediately with ketchup or small bowls of sour cream mixed with chives.

Cheeseburger and Cheesy Home-fries topped with a little crispy bacon

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