Friday, May 25, 2012

On Being a Content Mom and Wife.....

I determined to live a more simple life many years ago when I decided not to have my children involved in so many activities, but to focus on just one or two important activities, homeschool my children at home (co-ops are great for some people, they just aren't for us), cook healthy meals, enjoy dinner around the table at least 5 or 6 nights a week, and make every moment count for God. I still have too much "stuff" in my house, but even that doesn't get in the way of living simply. It just means that our focus is on people and not things (and sometimes "things" pile up).
I have concluded after at least 10 years of living like this that my life is actually richer than those who have two-income families, go on lavish vacations and buy a new car every other year. We take each day at a time and do what we can to love people and look for ways to bless others. We are learning to be content with what we have (not what we want) and learning not to compare ourselves with others. 
God's blessings have come in ways we don't expect and He has shown Himself faithful in ways others cannot see. Maybe it is because they aren't looking for those small, simple blessings that the Lord pours out on us to enjoy each a smile from our children, an item that goes on sale just when we need it, or even a burglary in my home so that God can bless us with new items that have become worn out or broken.
My prayer today is that we can keep our focus on what is important -- teaching our children to have a Biblical worldview and learning how to be empathetic toward other people's plights. It is always more rewarding and glorifies our Heavenly Father when we just keep our life simple and keep our focus on Christ.


  1. You certainly do a good job blessing others! I agree with all you wrote.

  2. That is such wonderful wisdom! Thank you for following Titus 2 and teaching other wives and mothers. That was exactly what I needed to hear. I am going through this right now. It is amazing to just watch and enjoy! Love you!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement! Michelle, I have never thought of myself as a Titus 2 woman, but I do appreciate the wonderful things the Lord has allowed me to experience and then share with others. My prayer is that more Christian women would consider the privilege it is to raise your own children and to keep our focus on the reason the Lord has allowed us to be moms in the first place. Love you, Muppy!