Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Menu Planning

Okay -- this is the second time I'm writing this....anyhow, to the right is my menu for the week. I've posted it so that you can take at look at my menu and maybe get some ideas for yourself. I will try to put links on recipes that I get online or make notes from where I get my recipes (assuming they aren't lost or family hand-downs). I also am posting the menu so my husband can decide if he wants to come home to a hot-fresh meal! :)

I hope to figure out a way to archive my menus so that I can begin to document them and hopefully use them over and over again. Of course, my hope is that I will never get into a rut. I love to try new recipes, but there are standard menus my family loves and I'll probably make them as long as I have little (or big) boys living at home!

Keep checking back each week and I'll try to post my menus on a Sunday or a Monday so that you too can take a look at what's cooking in the Ca-Meal household! Have a blessed day!

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