Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Profound Thought About Love From my 9-year-old Son

I was explaining a recent email I got from a lady in my food co-op who was upset because I didn't give in to her request (demand?) that she be allowed to drive on a different day due to a "scheduling conflict"saying that everyone else she's dealt with has been loving and helpful. I told my sons that it sounds to me that she was implying that I was neither loving nor helpful. Joshua (who disagreed with this lady) said, "Well, she doesn't know how to love and she probably thinks that love means getting what she wants!"

That pretty much summed it up! So the next time you accuse someone of not being loving -- think about it -- is it because you aren't getting what you want? For a 9-year-old boy to figure this out why is it that adults can't? Hmmm....might say something even more profound about them!

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