Saturday, May 30, 2009

Menu for May 25-31

Monday: (Memorial Day) Breakfast: open egg & cheese sandwiches; Dunch: Pork BBQ on buns, bread & buttter pickles, coleslaw; snack of the day: melted pepperjack cheese on triscuit crackers w/jalepeno salsa

Tuesday: Jambalaya w/ smoked andoullie sausage, dirty rice with fresh andoullie sausage, sweet fresh peas w/green onion, strawberry shortcake w/ whipped cream

Wednesday: BBQ grilled chicken breasts, homemade Mac & cheese, asparagus, peas

Thursday: Sloppy Joe's on buns, Veggie-pasta salad

Friday: All 3 boys are camping

Saturday: All 3 boys are camping

Sunday: All 3 boys are camping; supper: frozen pizza

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