Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Menu for June 8-14

Monday: Breaded flounder, lettuce salad

Tuesday: (Nathaniel's birthday dinner) Hamburgers w/ bacon and mushrooms, snap peas w/mushrooms, foil potatoes with onions and spices, foil grilled asparagus & garlic, DQ ice cream cake

Wednesday: Buffalo chicken sandwiches w/ bleu cheese sauce, spinach strawberry salad, Israeli couscous blend

Thursday: Turkey, cheese, cucumber & spinach sandwiches, chips

Friday: (Nathaniel's birthday) - Nathaniel - canoeing/camping trip - Us: pizza

Saturday: Brunch: egg sandwich, pancakes, waffles; Dinner: Club subs, homemade fries, snap peas

Sunday: Chicken, pea pod stir fry w/rice

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