Monday, November 16, 2009

Menu for November 1-15

Monday: Pasta e Fagioli, crusty bread, baked apples

Tuesday: Chicken tacos/burritos

Wednesday: Chopstick tuna casserole, sweet peas

Thursday: Emeril's shrimp scampi w/linguini, crusty bread, salad

Friday: Frozen pizza (Boy Scout outing)

Saturday: Boy Scout Outing (Cub Scout turkey dinner)

Sunday: Beef roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, brocolli

Monday: El Rodeo

Tuesday: On the road - chicken noodle soup from Dru

Wednesday: Lasagna, bread, salad & veggies w/ garlic cheese dip, apple dumplings

Thursday: Italian beef on buns, chips, veggies and dip

Friday: Homemade pizza, veggies and dip, guacamole

Saturday: Mama's farmhouse breakfast (out to eat); On the road home Chick-Fil-A

Sunday: Baked sockeye salmon, salad, fettucine alfredo; dinner: guacamole & salsa w/chips

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