Monday, May 10, 2010

My "boys" come through again on Mother's Day!

Once again, Dave comes through. Making dinner for me, he found out that I'm very happy with a home-cooked meal made with love over taking me out for an over-priced, flavorless meal at a restaurant. In fact, that outshines any gift he could have given to me on Mother's Day (although we did buy a new self-propelled mower and trimmer and called it my gift because we'll have a nicely groomed lawn again, after a year of not-so-nice grooming).

The pictures and recipes (above), I hope, will inspire your spouse and children to cook for you. Dave is a great cook and he has passed along this love for cooking to Joshua, who assisted with the planning and execution of the meal. Thanks for the great meal, guys and thanks for making Mother's Day special once again!

Lest you think Nathaniel didn't help, he helped his dad clean up after the meal. I'd say, that is just as good as cooking on Mother's Day since Mom should not have to do that either! I love my "boys" -- all three of them. They have enriched my life and made me realize there is nothing like having a family (no matter how big or small) who loves you more than themselves. I believe God has blessed me beyond measure and beyond words. Thank you, Lord, for giving them to me!

Joshua, Nathaniel and Dave help with my Mother's Day meal!

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