Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Drying Herbs

I love drying herbs in the spring and summer! I just pick them, and dry them completely so that I have some of the taste of the spring and summer months all year long. Last week, I cut a big bunch of oregano and it dried in less than a week. I filled up my oregano container and every time I need oregano, it reminds me of the beautiful green herbs that once grew at the front of my house.

I also tie some of my herbs with heavy-duty string and hang them above my sink to dry. My lavender smells so sweet and herbally (that's not a word!). The mint leaves add a fresh scent of mint. The dill weed takes the longest to dry, and yet it looks bright green for many weeks to come, so I don't want to take it down.

Drying on a paper towel, mint, oregano. and parsley.

Freshly cut this morning and hung above my kitchen sink to dry.

Lavender and Mint.

Dill weed drying.

Above are some photos I took of my drying herbs. I love my herb garden and I love to cook, so what better way to combine two of my favorite hobbies! Now, where's the cilantro! :)

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