Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Menu for May 24 - 31

Monday: Italian dressing marinated chicken breasts, grilled asparagus, couscous with spinach, garlic and parmesan cheese, homemade hot fudge sundaes with banans and pecans

Tuesday: Greek Burger Folds with Yogurt Sauce, onion rings, Greek lettuce salad

Wednesday: Ham subs with lettuce, tomato, etc. toppings

Thursday: Asian Pork Tenderloin Noodle and Pea Pod salad

Friday: Sirloin steak spinach salad with asparagus, strawberries and almonds

Saturday: Chick-fil-A and Chipolte

Sunday: Mexican cheeseburgers, Jalapeno Bush's Grillin' beans grilled asparagus

Monday: (Memorial Day) Chicken burritos with dos roasted peppers, pico, guacamole

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